Apple vs. Android

It seems when it comes to Apples and Androids there is some pretty significant emotion from one side or the other and the line between the two seems to be well drawn.  

I am often asked about my opinion between the two and "what should I get".  While I have a favorite, which I will explain, my answer is not always the same.  As you read this, understand it is not an exhaustive comparison, it is my personal opinion.

Trusting Website Content

A question I am often asked is "why do people write viruses, malware, spyware, etc?"  I suppose there are many motivations, some folks are trying to highlight system vulnerabilities, others are likely doing it because they can (what better feeling for a "hack" than to feel they have out programmed the professionals), but as with most anything, I expect the single biggest motivator is money.

Password Security

OK, so my Hotmail account has been hacked and used by spammers, my website has been hacked and redirected visitors to a porn site and my Twitter account was hacked and used by spammers … learn from me … don’t presume your password is secure enough.

Below are some suggestions on how to make your passwords secure and less likely to be cracked as well as some tips on what not to do and tips on how to remember your passwords.

Credit Scoring

What is it

Your credit score is a number assigned to your credit worthiness. This number is calculated by the various credit reporting agencies according to their own individual algorithms. While each agency has their own algorithm which will likely calculate a different number than their competition, it should reflect a somewhat accurate value of your bill paying history.

Who uses it

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